Even though I did not believe in abortion, I was desperate


Fifteen years ago, I found myself crying on the floor of my bathroom because I had just found out I was pregnant and it was not a good situation. I remember feeling completely desperate, scared, and full of shame.  I immediately tried to fix the problem, get it taken care of, so I called the closest abortion clinic and set up an appointment. During that waiting time I was torn because I didn’t even agree or believe in abortion, but I was desperate. Two weeks went by and the night before my appointment I changed my mind. I decided that I would carry the baby, even if it was going to be the hardest thing I would do. I immediately sought out the CPC and began seeing a counselor throughout my pregnancy. Her name was Jovanna. She sat with me each week and encouraged me. She reminded me that this was going to be okay and that I could do this, even though I would be doing it alone.  It was a hard nine months but worth every single second. My daughter Avery will be 15 years old in December of this year. She is beautiful. She is talented. She is honest and strong. She is so funny. She is everything to me. When I look back and think about the fear that I had, or the worries about what others would think of me, I feel sad. I was so blinded by my circumstances that I almost made a decision that would have destroyed my heart and soul. It brings me to tears, even now, when I think about a life without my Avery.  I am so thankful for the CPC and the amazing counsel that I found there. Thank you for being a light in my dark season of life. Thank you for helping me see that it wasn’t really dark after all.  By Lindsay Scherb